A Precious Gift

Ninety-seven years ago, 22 Howard University women gifted a legacy of Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service to this world.  Their precious gift is embodied in over 200,000 women who are the links in ΔΣΘ Sorority’s mighty historic chain. 

Today, we celebrate our Founders’ Vision, Perseverance, and Leadership.

Today, we honor their precious gift, LEGACY.

A Legacy of Grace

A Legacy of Generosity

A Legacy of Fortitude

A Legacy of Integrity

A Legacy of Sisterly Love

A Legacy of Devotion

A Legacy of Honor

A Legacy of Righteousness

A Legacy of Austerity


Written by Soror Jovette Gadson


FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! The Journey to Finding Jovette

PICTURE IT: Early December 2009.  I’m at brunch celebrating my soror’s birthday at the yummy Eatonville restaurant in Washington, DC.  It took much rest the night before to have enough energy for the gathering.  Biscuits were pipin’ HOT! Conversation was HILARIOUS! All of this goodness to experience while snow fell lightly outside.  What a perfect celebratory backdrop, huh?  I sipped my Georgia Peach as another soror told me about her annual holiday party.  In her excitement of telling about the festivities she lightly tapped my shoulder.  That’s when I noticed “IT”. That’s the precise moment when “IT” became real.  My upper arm jiggled uncontrollably as my soror gently hit my arm.  Okay.  Unstoppable arm shaking might be a tad exaggeration of the truth.  BUT there was more jiggle than medically allowable.  “IT” was rippling through my arm and embarrassment was racing through my body.  The fact was right there with me at brunch.  I’m an “IT” girl…I’M A FLUFFY GIRL!!!!

Understand, I have struggled with my weight most of my life.  I debuted at a mere 5lbs 13oz.  I’ve expanded over the years (especially the last 9) and now tip the scales at 250lbs.  (You can say, “DAAAAMMMNNN!” right now.)  Most of my girlfriends can’t believe how much I really weigh.  Thank goodness I took 5′ 8″ from the height gene pool.  Height and body frame have helped me carry the extra fluff rather well.  I am a curvy, fluffy girl.  But all that extra weight is beginning to damage my physical, mental, and emotional health.  And that is where this weekly blog post comes into play.

Over the next year, at least twice a week, you’ll journey with me as I get back to feeling  FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS!  What began as a chronicle of becoming healthy and losing weight has evolved into really dealing with why I gained 75lbs between 2000 and 2009.  My  FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! entries will share my struggle with the “fluff” and what it’s really hiding , learning how to treat my body like the stunning architectural design God created,  events and resources that are guiding my journey, as well as my steps to finding/becoming/embracing the person I am-JOVETTE!

My goals to becoming FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! in 2010 are simple:

  1. Become physically healthier by learning and maintaining better eating habits, dramatically increasing my physical activity, and achieving my ideal weight of 180lbs…
  2. Stop being a damn HERMIT and join the living by attending more concerts, reconnecting with friends, going to the events I get invited to (especially through Facebook), and re-committing myself to existing organization memberships…
  3. Flex my creative muscles by consistently blogging, finishing up craft projects including sorority gifts and jewelry making, and dedicating time to writing besides my personal journal…
  4. Embrace my inner fashionista by purposely dressing for work!  LOL!  My intern-look went out of style when I turned 25.  I’m 6 years overdue for a work wardrobe update…
  5. Speak my soul and stop hiding my voice to the world.  I’m a cool person but not many know how cool because I tend to only show the happy, agreeable Jovette to everyone.  I’ve got more dimensions than a Sci-Fi story.  Wanna peak? 🙂
  6. Step it up on the job front by taking more professional risks.  I’m a rock star at what I do.  But 2010 is about reaching ICON status professionally.  This could mean a job change, a total career switch, or mix up my current work responsibilities.  Whatever I choose, I’m becoming a legend at it!
  7. Not only will I become FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS!, I will be financially fit as well!  That includes purchasing a home, starting some investments, and becoming wiser about my spending indulgences (Use that creativity on a sewing machine and make some hot fashions!!!!)

I look forward to this journey and sharing it with the world.  Together we’ll become all we are meant to be!!!!!


I’m here for a purpose
Often not understood
Especially by me
But God is fully aware
I’m here for a purpose

I’m here for a reason
Walls close in tighter
Each day I rise
Somehow I conquer
But God is full aware
I’m here for a reason

I’m here for a mission
My mind may wonder
My heart longs another world
Still, I’m called for duty
But God is fully aware
I’m here for a mission

I’m here for a purpose
Not for me to understand
Not in this moment
But God is fully aware
I’m here for a purpose

Written by Jovette Gadson
August 8, 2008
Don’t Reprint Without Permission

Thought of the Day: Can People’s Energy Block Opportunities?

Today’s thought is prompted by where I am at the moment…life wise.  I had a friend tell me that in addition to getting out of my own way, there may be a bit of negative energy (in the form of people) holding me back.  As soon as I let these people go, a whole slew of opportunities will open up to me.  Why?  Because I am so preoccupied with these folks that I’m not focusing on me and my potential.  The people aren’t literally blocking opportunities but my focus on them is.  As soon as I change focus I will begin to take and see chances like never before. 

So, is it possible that another’s vibe can block your chances for (insert any noun or emotion here)?

My answer: Yes.  Think about it.  If you are constantly fawning over someone else you can’t pay attention to yourself.  Its like that handyman that neglects his home because he’s out taking care of someone else’s.  And this is all by choice. 

Paying attention to yourself is not a bad thing.  This is still very hard for me to accept as I’m a giver.  My instincts lead me to help and provide for everyone from those who truly need it and to those who should never get at all.  Hey, not all people are well-intentioned and deserving.  It’s just a fact.  Success in anything means knowing how much to give and when to let go.  Who to give to and who to steer clear.  And most importantly, success (Not just financial & material.  This includes happiness and peace of mind) is knowing when and how to focus on yourself.  I struggle with this constantly but am committed to doing better to me.

It’s always good and healthy to evaluate relationships (personal, romantic, family, friendship, professional) and let go any that drain too much of your time and energy.  Those same relationships may be blocking/stalling something very good…

7 Years of Wondering

For the last 7 years, I’ve been trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be, what I’m meant to do, and where I’m going in general. That part that is most maddening is why I seem/feel at the mercy of so many others.  I was at the mercy of 3 different division heads to receive my promotion.  So what if my workload was that of someone 3 times higher than my grade.  So what if everyone and their momma praised my work and felt I should have the raise.  It still took forever and a day to get promoted.  And even after the promotions I don’t have the full authority I want to run the program I’ve managed for nearly 4 years.  The solace I get is having more money for retail therapy and vacations. 

I’m not here to spill my guts for in a cyber-therapy session.  This post is just to share what I’m sure many feel/have felt at some point in their lives.  You make the right moves, check off the right boxes, and still you’re in the same place.  You’re wondering where all of this madness is leading you.  What the hell is the reward!?!  Especially when everyone around you seems to be excelling.  Hopefully it’ll be revealed soon…

SHUT UP & WAIT! (Election 2008)-1Year Later

*I wrote this piece 1 year and 2 days ago after I cast my vote for President Obama.  I wanted to post this piece because of my awe at the 2009 local and national voter turnout.  Last year there was nearly a revolt the otherwise idyllic Ashburn, VA neighborhood.  This year I swore I saw tumbleweed pass my voter booth!  Its amazing how things change within a year.
I am very disappointed in Democrats and Republicans alike.  The voter drop-off  this year was EMBRASSING!!!  Voting for a president and expecting that h/she to change all of our ills is unacceptable.  The last election showed the power of the people.  This election showed how willing people are to give away their power.
Today, I voted! I happily awoke at 6 am (actually there was plenty of crust in my eyes and I couldn’t believe the alarm didn’t go off) to cast what will be one of the most important votes of my life.

When I arrived at the polling place, the energy seemed pleasant. Happy to have my last name begin with “G”, I strolled up to my line, received my ballot ticket, strolled to the next line, and cast my vote. Total wait time: 45 minutes. But the long line to my left, that curled behind me as well, didn’t have such an easy time. “L-K” folks had a longer wait. Seemed a few people forgot IDs or wanted to chat up the election workers. The energy from the “L-K” folks was negative to put it mildly. A fellow voter in front of me joked with the people to our left about having to wait. One woman said she was ready to throw something at him that’s how angry she felt. She was dead serious. Another man complained from the time I checked in until the time I received my paper ballot about how long his wait had been. Another man complained his back hurt from standing so long and he didn’t understand why he had to wait. It was 7:15 AM and the gripes were beginning.

I listened to the complaints, groans, and moans and sympathized a little. Standing on concrete is unpleasant and bad for the joints. But my sympathy was short. Very, very short.

This is probably one of the most historic elections since JFK took office. The country is at a critical point financially, internationally, and domestically. The economy is in the toliet. Neighborhoods are seeing steep declines in housing values. The US military is stretched thin all over the Middle East (did anyone notice the attack on Syria?). Major corporations are cutting jobs left and right (GM and Ford reported profit losses probably means more jobs lost). Times are rough. And the time for change has arrived.

Election Day is the day that we, American citizens, decide which direction we want to take the country. Record numbers of people are voting for the first time. People who have sat out for years feel a need to exercise their right on this day. So guess what? BE PREPARED TO WAIT!

This is not beauty contest (though at times its felt like it). You’re not choosing high school superlatives. Today’s vote is for future. Where do we want the country to go? Who do we want to begin us on that journey? Everyone has something at stake in this election. A lot of people want their voices heard. Republican. Democrat. Independent. Black. White. Latino. Asian. Woman. Man. Old. Young. The voices are many and they are diverse. And the body that carries those voices are showing out in historic numbers today.

I am proud to wait in line. I am proud to have dragged my butt out of bed. I am proud that I exercised my right to vote. A right that was denied to my family in the past because of their race, gender and in some cases, both. If time is all I have to give to have my voice heard and stand for my beliefs, then time is what I willingly pay.

I undestand that for voting is a burden for some. Time off work means pay lost. And for those, I understand why waiting isn’t acceptable. The election rules should change. Election Day should be a federal holiday where all can take their time to cast their ballot. No one should be forced to decided if going to work trumps voting for the position that greatly impacts their lives.

For everyone else, SHUT UP AND WAIT! Millions are voting today. Until the election rules change, there will be lines because of the process. We can’t vote by text. You can’t phone it in. No, you won’t be allowed to email your vote to the election board. But you can stand and wait.

Think about how important voting is to you and then think how important is to millions of American citizens. We are all waiting for the chance to have our say. We are all waiting. There is no need to get nasty. There is no need to threaten your fellow line mates. When you have an opportunity, tell the election workers your concerns and then lobby your election board to devise a more efficient way to cast ballots. That’s right get involved in your local politics! Become civically engaged!

Everyone is tired. Everyone has something to do today. Everyone wants to cast their vote. Everyone is waiting. So please, SHUT UP and WAIT!

Defined…By Me

Jo-Vette: (jo-vet)-noun

She is: a Creative Writer; a Poet; a Consultant; a Lover; a Daughter; a Friend; a Delta; a Sistah with a Natural; a Fashion Lover; a Dreamer; a Comedian; a Storyteller; a Comforter; a Music Junkie; a Kind Heart; an Introvert; a Crafter; an Artist; an Aunt; a Soror; a Sweetheart; a Stubborn Soul; a Liberal; a Woman; a Lady; a Critic; a Supporter; a Suburbanite; an Urban Visitor; a Reasonable Person; a Gentle Force; a Fighter; a Believer in God; a Believer in Good; a Connector; a Memory; a Future; a Gift; a Purpose; a Future Mother and Wife; a SolStar  Shining; a Jovette.