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FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! The Soundtrack!

Week 2 has passed on my Triple “F” journey and Week 3 has quickly arrived…THANK GOODNESS!  There has been more emotional chomping this week than I’ve ever noticed!  In the past I would’ve beat myself up so much that I would have just given up.  Not this time around.  Eating my stress is not bad.  Giving into defeat is worse.  Even though I indulged in food therapy I also indulged in another type-Music Therapy! 

Over the last week I became re-acquainted with my good friend, Touchy Feely.  My iPod not only shares her music but her game apps generously.  LOL!  Seriously, I took this past week to upload tracks that have guided me to become a Triple “F” Threat!  I hope you enjoy the songs and add them to your library.  Trust, there will be more to come!

Jovette’s FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! Playlist (Volume 1)

  1. “Flaws and All” by Beyonce
  2. “Slowly, Surely” by Jill Scott
  3. “A Woman’s Worth” by Alicia Keys
  4. “Take Me As I Am” by Mary J. Blige
  5. “I’m So Famous” by Joi (Triple “F” Theme Song)
  6. “Possibilities” by Amp Fiddler
  7. “I’m Good” by The Clipse
  8. “Stay Fly” (Clean Version) by Three6Mafia
  9. “On to the Next One” by Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beatz
  10. “Baby, I’m a Star” by Prince

FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! Post # 2 (January 17, 2010)

Becoming FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! is tough! I have had great moments this past week sprinkled with a few rough times.  Guess that’s part of the journey.  Everyday will not be joyful or easy.  Some days will be a struggle.  Some minutes will be a test of faith.  But the point is to see it through to the end.

My cousin, a wonderful Omega Man, posted a poem quote that I hadn’t thought of  in 11 years.  See It Through by Edgar A. Guest inspires me to push forward when I want to be lazy or knock back a bowl of sugar!  (I really haven’t gotten that desperate…seriously.)  As the early American poet writes:

When its vain to try and dodge it,

Do the best that you can do;

You may fail, but you may conquer.

See it through.

As I write this post, I’m leaning heavily on those words.  I leaped off my 21-day fast wagon last Tuesday night.  Getting back on feels as if I’m trying to sprint with concrete Nikes…almost impossible!  Notice I said ALMOST.  Though I’ve slacked, I’m still making wiser food choices and not bingeing on sweets.  My water intake has increased dramatically and I’ve been soda-free for over 9 days.  AMAZING!!! I was drinking a 20oz Dr. Pepper at lunch everyday and a 16oz can of soda with dinner.  I had to be on the verge of desert thirst to drink water.  It’s all about the small steps and keeping at them.  In my healthy eating habits quest I found a low carb/good carb guide a high school friend suggested last year.  I’m going to follow this carb-reintroduction diet to find balance between loving sugary sweets and potatoes and finding love in good carb dishes.

I’ve also struggled with the prep work that goes in to becoming a Triple “F” Threat.  I hate pulling clothes the night before for work and hate making lunch even more.  But any change in habit needs planning and preparation for it to stick.  I was wishy-washy about fasting from the jump. Not because I couldn’t do it.  I successfully completed the 21-day fast in October 2008.  Lost ten pounds, thank you very much!  But my heart isn’t in it the same way this year.  That’s okay.  I’m going to focus on cleaning up my eating acting which will be a fast in some way.  The next couple of months are about resetting how and what I eat.  That’s where I need to focus my actions.  Eating lunch out of a vending machine is not good!  I’ll never reach my goal weight (180lbs) if I don’t plan better meals and make wiser food decisions when out.  When I do give in to those sweet urges and carb temptations I can lean on these words, “You may fail, but you may conquer…”

Now , this week has brought some Triple “F” Threat opportunities my way! For starters, I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my sorority’s 97th Anniversary.  I met a group of sorors for brunch last Sunday.  I was able to celebrate our Founders’ Day with Alpha chapter and area sorors.  And I partied with my Loudoun County Alumnae sorors Friday night.  Each event reminded me how strong Delta’s bond is and how many sisters I really have.  It was great to connect with familiar faces and new ones.  This week pushed me even more to not be just financially active but more involved in Delta.  Working on those Triple “F” goals!!!!

Speaking of goals, I kicked myself out of my introvert comfort zone.  While at dinner with my soror, I introduced myself to two women next dining next to us.  I over heard them talking about federal government positions t various agency.  One woman is the CEO of a government consulting firm.  The other is in the Senior Executive Service (SES) at a domestic agency.  I saw a great professional opportunity served up on a plate garnished with luscious fruits and veggies just for me! And I dug right in! I introduced myself as they were leaving, told them about my background, and that I would love to talk more about federal government career opps.  Got both of their cards! (Go Jo!!!) They graciously and generously offered their time.  Remember, you have not because you ask not!

Saving the best for last…I performed at an open mic Wednesday night!  (Whew!  I’ve been in the streets all week!)  Its been at least 6 years since I done this but it was my time.  Thanks to Goldie Deane for inviting me to performing at the K.I. Service, Inc. open mic fundraiser.  After reading the first Triple “F” post she challenged me to share my artistic work.  I shook off the stage fright and did a pretty good job.  The experience has me typing up my poems and doing some much-needed rewriting.  More importantly, I finally told the world (a small segment of it) that I’m a poet.  Don’t get that confused with “I write poetry.” I’m a poet.  I’m a writer. I’m an artist.  Over the last 9 years I have hidden that fact.  No matter how much I try to bury it, it always comes through.  I’m working on my craft and have many lessons to learn as a poet/writer.  But I cannot deny anymore…I’M A WRITER!!!!!!

What did I perform? Check out When I Stare at You (2006) below-

When I stare at you

I see beauty waiting to be loved

I intensely watch your mouth

As passionate thoughts

Slip over your tongue and pass your lips

Soft lips speaking kindness to my heart


When I stare at you

I see a lifetime lived in a moment

Experiences shaped your beliefs

Molded your view of an extreme world

How you find a way to love it

How you find a way to better it for our children


When I stare at you

I see an unexplainable dichotomy

Strength too powerful to deny

Yet so humble, so sincere

How many will rest upon your strength?

The masses you will cradle in your arms


When I stare at you

I see the man I was meant to love

Compilation of idiosyncrasies intricately arranged

I study your enthusiasm, curiosity, and hunger

I memorize your humor and thoughts

Capture the vulnerability you openly share


When I stare at you

I think of our forever

Lazy Sundays spent on the couch

Watching sunbeams blanket your face

Listening to you talk to our son

Proudly witnessing him become the man you are


When I stare at you

I see the image create by words I’ve written

Countless phrases of fantasy

Now, I see the dream

A magical myth that is reality

Prove when I stare at you

 ***Please Do No Reprint Without Author’s Permission***

A Precious Gift

Ninety-seven years ago, 22 Howard University women gifted a legacy of Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service to this world.  Their precious gift is embodied in over 200,000 women who are the links in ΔΣΘ Sorority’s mighty historic chain. 

Today, we celebrate our Founders’ Vision, Perseverance, and Leadership.

Today, we honor their precious gift, LEGACY.

A Legacy of Grace

A Legacy of Generosity

A Legacy of Fortitude

A Legacy of Integrity

A Legacy of Sisterly Love

A Legacy of Devotion

A Legacy of Honor

A Legacy of Righteousness

A Legacy of Austerity


Written by Soror Jovette Gadson

FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! The Journey to Finding Jovette

PICTURE IT: Early December 2009.  I’m at brunch celebrating my soror’s birthday at the yummy Eatonville restaurant in Washington, DC.  It took much rest the night before to have enough energy for the gathering.  Biscuits were pipin’ HOT! Conversation was HILARIOUS! All of this goodness to experience while snow fell lightly outside.  What a perfect celebratory backdrop, huh?  I sipped my Georgia Peach as another soror told me about her annual holiday party.  In her excitement of telling about the festivities she lightly tapped my shoulder.  That’s when I noticed “IT”. That’s the precise moment when “IT” became real.  My upper arm jiggled uncontrollably as my soror gently hit my arm.  Okay.  Unstoppable arm shaking might be a tad exaggeration of the truth.  BUT there was more jiggle than medically allowable.  “IT” was rippling through my arm and embarrassment was racing through my body.  The fact was right there with me at brunch.  I’m an “IT” girl…I’M A FLUFFY GIRL!!!!

Understand, I have struggled with my weight most of my life.  I debuted at a mere 5lbs 13oz.  I’ve expanded over the years (especially the last 9) and now tip the scales at 250lbs.  (You can say, “DAAAAMMMNNN!” right now.)  Most of my girlfriends can’t believe how much I really weigh.  Thank goodness I took 5′ 8″ from the height gene pool.  Height and body frame have helped me carry the extra fluff rather well.  I am a curvy, fluffy girl.  But all that extra weight is beginning to damage my physical, mental, and emotional health.  And that is where this weekly blog post comes into play.

Over the next year, at least twice a week, you’ll journey with me as I get back to feeling  FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS!  What began as a chronicle of becoming healthy and losing weight has evolved into really dealing with why I gained 75lbs between 2000 and 2009.  My  FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! entries will share my struggle with the “fluff” and what it’s really hiding , learning how to treat my body like the stunning architectural design God created,  events and resources that are guiding my journey, as well as my steps to finding/becoming/embracing the person I am-JOVETTE!

My goals to becoming FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS! in 2010 are simple:

  1. Become physically healthier by learning and maintaining better eating habits, dramatically increasing my physical activity, and achieving my ideal weight of 180lbs…
  2. Stop being a damn HERMIT and join the living by attending more concerts, reconnecting with friends, going to the events I get invited to (especially through Facebook), and re-committing myself to existing organization memberships…
  3. Flex my creative muscles by consistently blogging, finishing up craft projects including sorority gifts and jewelry making, and dedicating time to writing besides my personal journal…
  4. Embrace my inner fashionista by purposely dressing for work!  LOL!  My intern-look went out of style when I turned 25.  I’m 6 years overdue for a work wardrobe update…
  5. Speak my soul and stop hiding my voice to the world.  I’m a cool person but not many know how cool because I tend to only show the happy, agreeable Jovette to everyone.  I’ve got more dimensions than a Sci-Fi story.  Wanna peak? 🙂
  6. Step it up on the job front by taking more professional risks.  I’m a rock star at what I do.  But 2010 is about reaching ICON status professionally.  This could mean a job change, a total career switch, or mix up my current work responsibilities.  Whatever I choose, I’m becoming a legend at it!
  7. Not only will I become FIERCE! FLY! & FABULOUS!, I will be financially fit as well!  That includes purchasing a home, starting some investments, and becoming wiser about my spending indulgences (Use that creativity on a sewing machine and make some hot fashions!!!!)

I look forward to this journey and sharing it with the world.  Together we’ll become all we are meant to be!!!!!