7 Years of Wondering

For the last 7 years, I’ve been trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be, what I’m meant to do, and where I’m going in general. That part that is most maddening is why I seem/feel at the mercy of so many others.  I was at the mercy of 3 different division heads to receive my promotion.  So what if my workload was that of someone 3 times higher than my grade.  So what if everyone and their momma praised my work and felt I should have the raise.  It still took forever and a day to get promoted.  And even after the promotions I don’t have the full authority I want to run the program I’ve managed for nearly 4 years.  The solace I get is having more money for retail therapy and vacations. 

I’m not here to spill my guts for in a cyber-therapy session.  This post is just to share what I’m sure many feel/have felt at some point in their lives.  You make the right moves, check off the right boxes, and still you’re in the same place.  You’re wondering where all of this madness is leading you.  What the hell is the reward!?!  Especially when everyone around you seems to be excelling.  Hopefully it’ll be revealed soon…


2 responses to “7 Years of Wondering

  1. keep flowing. i love your blogs.

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