Defined…By Me

Jo-Vette: (jo-vet)-noun

She is: a Creative Writer; a Poet; a Consultant; a Lover; a Daughter; a Friend; a Delta; a Sistah with a Natural; a Fashion Lover; a Dreamer; a Comedian; a Storyteller; a Comforter; a Music Junkie; a Kind Heart; an Introvert; a Crafter; an Artist; an Aunt; a Soror; a Sweetheart; a Stubborn Soul; a Liberal; a Woman; a Lady; a Critic; a Supporter; a Suburbanite; an Urban Visitor; a Reasonable Person; a Gentle Force; a Fighter; a Believer in God; a Believer in Good; a Connector; a Memory; a Future; a Gift; a Purpose; a Future Mother and Wife; a SolStar  Shining; a Jovette.


One response to “Defined…By Me

  1. i think you’re more of a story teller, helper, comforter & a gift sent directly from Heaven.

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